Best gaming laptops that force you to play


It might not be an absolute game benchmark scorer, but it’s definitely a competitive high-end laptop for gaming which outclasses its competitors in terms of features as well as price.
MSI GS60 Ghost Pro

MSI GS60 Ghost Pro is a mid-range laptop for gaming which brings a lot of bang for the penny, & a number of small-touches which would be a delight for the gamers.

MSI GT 70 2PC dominator

MSI GT70 2PC Dominator is the beefy, 17 inches, mid-range laptop for gaming which flaunts the advanced hardware from Nvidia & Intel, & features just like any customizable key-board backlight & Blu ray drive.


EON17 SLX is a very powerful laptop which is meant for gaming. It cannot be called perfect, but the flaws in it are over looked easily.

Rzer Blade

Razer Blade flaunts very impressive performance and great features which makes it an ultra-portable machine for gaming.

Alien ware 17

This is also a high end laptop for gaming which has premium-touches which any gamer can expect & the performance which can be matched.

HP Omen

HP Omen 15 is a potential laptop for gaming which has the features which you may not really expect from such a mainstream laptop manufacturer. It even has customized back lights & revved up storage.


ASUS ROG G750 JZ XS 72 is a laptop for gaming which earns each penny of its high-end price. It has been outfitted with latest processor, graphic cards & a whole lot of features as well as ports.


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