Dyson CSYS- An LED Lamp That Can Last 37 Years

If you hate replacing your lamps all the time, you must have a new LED-lamp Dyson. This LED lamp can last up to 37 years. You can also change the glow and adjust it for some special purpose. The special hinge system allows you to change the glow in 3 different directions. In order to set the brightness, you can use a touch panel. When you turn it off, this lamp will remember the last brightness you set. So, when you turn it on, it will be the same.
According to the manufacturer, a user won’t feel headache or eye fatigue after using this lamp. In order to remove the heat, generated by the LEDs, pipes are used. Thanks to this solution, the maximum temperature is 55 degrees Celsius. The light will stay very bright for a very long time. In order to improve the distribution of light and uniform, the LEDs are placed in flasks of conical shape. Also, thanks to the design, this lamp look very interesting.
The Dyson CSYS lamp is sold in ceiling, desktop and floor versions. Despite it can last very long, the guarantee is just 2 years. Also, it can last very long if there are no spikes and surges in the network. If they are common in your house, this lamp cannot last 37 years. The designer is Jake Dyson. For now, this lamp is still unknown for us. It looks like we must wait 37 years in order to see can it last that long. Anyway, it can be an interesting addition to your home.




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