Future of Life kick starts mission to save humans from machines

In recent year, the growth computers have been tremendous. From huge halls with cooling machines and fans, the computers have now managed to fit in our pockets. The growth of intelligent software has been double than that of the hardware. The perfect working of Moore’s law has made artificial intelligence a reality. But many top scientists like Stephen Hawking have warned everyone against the artificial intelligence. Hawking, in his book predicts that the ultramodern machines can take over the humanity if anything goes wrong.

Considering the seriousness behind the top scientists argument, the Future of Life Institute has gone on mission to protect humanity from Artificial Intelligence. The science fiction like scenario might become a truth of future and therefore big corporations like SpaceX and the Open Philanthropy Project are supporting the institute. Elon Musk from the private space corporation recently informed press about $10 million dollar donations. Around $7 million grant would be sanctioned to 37 teams of researchers working on the project. 

The team members are selected from the talent pool of 300 candidates. Each team will be having its own topic and assignment related to problems with AI technologies. Interest of future robots and computing  technologies should match, otherwise the resulting conflict won’t be productive for any side. The AI need to trained enough to remain under the control of human beings. The choice made by robots would be explained to human being if one team based in Pennsylvania based Carnegie Mellon University succeeds. One more team is trying to ally human values with AI. 



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