Why is it good to combine technology and science?

Maybe few years ago it seemed impossible to combine these two, but today this combination can give us excellent results.
Science presents something like a bridge between digital technology and science practitioners.

For example people who are not much into science and love technology will get new perspective by using technology to discover new things concerning science.
By combining these two we are able to teach people so many different things in so many different ways by giving them opportunity to use something modern along with something classical.
Technology has given so much to scientists all over the world, because now they can speak about science in a totally interesting and fresh way.
For example we have a web site called ScienceAlert which is one of the most popular web sites in the world when it comes to science.
It has millions of fans ad what is even more surprising is that it has more fans than Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, etc.

This proves to us that technology gives people a contemporary and interesting way to learn more about some scientific facts they want to know.
Also we mustn’t forget to mention that science communicators have an amazing access to other classrooms all around the world and it is all because of proliferation of digital technology.
Now we have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks where we are able to communicate with other people and discuss about important topics when it comes to science and other subjects.

There are still some people who disapprove technology thinking that it is ruining people, but they always forget how many benefits we have from it.



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