You Can Generate Energy Walking Up and Down Steps

There is a huge need to save more energy. In order to achieve this, we must make more clean energy. There are many green solutions that can help you achieve this. However, some of them are boring and they are not very practical. On the other side, we have gadgets that are very easy to use and they are interesting. In fact, they even look interesting. One of these gadgets is Slide. The simple name for a simple gadget.
Slide is useful for people who use the stairs. I know that many people avoid them, for some unknown reason, but people who want to live green and be healthy use them. With Slide, you can have physical activity by using stairs and you can generate energy. Well, not you, but Slide can. All you need to do is to push it along the rails aside the stairs. It will be on your hand during this. In the object are built-in several LEDs so you can see where you are going in a power outage.
Maybe it looks small and simple, but it is effective. It is designed for people who use stairs every day. Maybe you don’t use them, but there are many people who live in apartment buildings without an elevator. Imagine how much energy you can generate if you live on the 5th floor or even higher. Of course, in order to work, a building needs some improvements. But, these are affordable and easy improvements. Also, Slide looks interesting, so it can be used as hi-tech accessory. After all, it is nice and pleasant to wear.  




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