Concept of a solar powered laptop PC

After many earthquakes and other natural disasters, researchers and designers started working on devices that are self-powered. Most of them use sunlight. It is the cleanest source of energy and it is also the most available. Solar-powered devices can be used in any parts of the world, but only during the day. Because laptops and computers are the most popular devices, every person uses them, designers are developing computers that will be powered just by the sunlight. 

This concept is named Luce. On the Italian language it means light. A very suitable name. It is a solar-powered laptop. Two panels are built into a laptop. One on the bottom and another at the top. Thanks to them, Luce can use sunlight to charge the battery. It will recharge it during the whole day, even when you don’t use it. The designer of this concept is Andrea Ponti. This designer got the idea after the earthquakes in Japan.

There are several similar concepts. All of them, use sunlight and all of them are very useful. However, you cannot expect that battery will last the entire night. So, if you use a computer too much, this concept isn’t for you. But, if you use a laptop, during the day, for business this will be your future laptop. 

Conventional laptops have batteries that can last up to 5 hours. But, when you use them for games, surfing the internet or programs with high system requirements, the battery life is way shorter. This means that when you are outside, you can use a laptop for a 1 or 2. You can use Luce much longer. 



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