Future of Transportation: Bloom

There are many ways of transport. However, current transportation vehicles make a lot of pollution. All of them use fossil fuels, so they make a lot of CO2. There are several green, transportation vehicles, but they aren’t often used. The situation is even worse with boats and yachts. All of them have huge diesel engines. They make a lot of pollution and they pollute oceans. Fuel and oil leaks are a common thing.
All this can be changed with Blood. This is an interesting concept of green yacht. The idea is to find the perfect balance between our need for transportation and the nature. According to many experts, this is the perfect balance. The designer of this concept is Xiang Yu. Two things make this yacht incredibly interesting and green. One of them is vertical-axis windmill. It will generate electricity from the wind. And we know that there is a lot of wind on the ocean. The second, green advantage is solar fabric sail. With these two systems, Bloom will be able to travel over long distances without making a pollution.
The Bloom isn’t a small yacht. The length of it is 60 meters. Beam overall is 11.5 meters. Draught is 3 meters. The top speed is more than 20 knots. Maybe it is slower than other yachts, but it is green, and this is much more important. As other yachts, Bloom will be expensive. At this moment we don’t know the exact price, but it will be high. This is the best yacht for rich people who want to live green. But, I believe that many people will enjoy in this incredible yacht.




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