Video games have quite long history behind before becoming the sensation of the entertainment market all across the globe. Earlier video games used to have interactive electronic devices with several display formats for example, cathode ray tube amusement device which was patented by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr and Estle ray mann in the year 1947 which then got issued in December 1948.
The first ever commercially sold video game was computer space which was developed by Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell in the year 1971. The video game used black and white television screen for its display. Computer space was followed by two versions of Atari’s pong in 1972 and 1975 which increased the popularity of video games dramatically.
A large number of Pong clones led to an eventual video game crash in the year 1977 which then rested in 1978 with the success of Taito’s shooter game that is space invaders. This was one of the golden age of arcade video game which also inspired a lot of manufacturers towards it.
Arcade became a grand success especially in the mainstream locations such as restaurants, shopping malls, convenience stores and tradition storefronts. These games also started becoming the prime subject of lot of articles and news of television, newspapers and magazines which made video gaming a regular hobby of youngsters.
Atari VCS which was later known as Atari 2600 soon launched space invaders which then became the first killer app. It also helped Atari recover from their past losses as it increased the sales dramatically.


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