How to Install and Use a New Printer on Mac Computer

Installing and using a new printer is extremely easy with Mac computers. While some printers offer plug and play connectivity, there are some which need the driver installation before they can be used. Here are some simple steps you can follow to install and use a new printer on Mac.

When you buy a new printer, it always comes with a CD or USB drive with the driver. You simply need to plug-in the USB or play the CD to install the printer driver. There are some printers which have the built-in drivers which get installed when you connect them to the Mac or any other computer. You will need a USB cable, which usually comes with the package, to connect the printer to the computer. If the printer is new to your computer, but not brand new as you may have borrowed it from someone, and does not have the drivers, you can download the installation files from the internet.

Once you have installed the driver, you are all set to print. Connect the printer to Mac computer. The computer will detect the printer and open the printer software automatically. If it does not, you can go to the ‘printers & scanners’ option and choose the connected printer from the list. Now open the document you want to print and locate the ‘Print’ command option. It is usually in the ‘File’ menu or on the menu bar of the application from which you are trying to print. The document or picture will get printed.

You can also use wireless printing on Mac and other computers.




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