How to solve ‘’Your Connection is Not Private’’ in Chrome

Many users had a problem with their web browser. It displays ‘’Your connection is not private’’. In this case, you cannot surf the internet. Beside Chrome, this affects other web browsers. There are many tutorials on the internet, but many of them don’t work. The solution is very simple and you will need 2 minutes to solve it. The reason why this happens is the time and date on your computer.
1.    Go to BIOS settings. In order to get there, restart your computer. As soon the black screen appears, press DELETE key several times. You will enter into BIOS.
2.    Select the first option, Standard CMOS features and press enter.
3.    Set the correct time and date.
4.    Save your changes and exit.
In some cases the problem still occurs. After you have restarted your computer, you must change the time and date again.
1.    Left click on a date and time in the taskbar.
2.    Choose Change date and time setting.
3.    Click on Change and date and time.
4.    Change am to pm or the other way around.
5.    Try using Chrome. If the problem occurs again, replace the date. Set the date one day earlier.
This problem usually happens when you install a new copy of the Windows. Remember that this may happen again, the next day, because your computer will show the wrong date. In that case, repeat all steps, but set the correct date and time. Other tutorials that tell you that the problem is in the registry or with your internet connection aren’t correct. However, if you follow these steps correctly, you will solve the problem.




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