How to Upgrade or Restore an iPhone

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Many people use it because it is one of the best. Two things make iPhone special. It is its design and quality, both are very good, and its iOS. Its operating system is one of the best on the planet. Many people like it more than Android. Luckily, Apple is improving their iOS all the time. In order to use the latest version of the OS, you must update it. It is very simple task.

1.    You will need an internet connection and iTunes. Download iTunes and install it. It has a size of 124MB so the download should be quick.
2.    Connect your iPhone with a computer via USB cable. Remember that a USB is a part of your charger.
3.    Wait a few seconds in order to successful connect a PC and iPhone.
4.    IPhone will synchronize with your PC. Do not interrupt this procedure.
5.    When it is done, go to the Summary tab. You will see basic information about your iPhone. The current iOS, serial number, phone number and etc.
6.    You have two options. Check for updates (you may already see that an update is ready for your Iphone) and restore.
7.    Click on update your iPhone. It will download the update and install it. Your iPhone will reboot and you are ready. You won’t lose any data in this way.
8.    Click on restore if you want to install a new copy of iOS. This last longer and it will delete everything from your phone. After that, your iPhone will be restored as when it was new. 
It is always recommended to back up all your data. 



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