Microsoft’s Free Windows 10 Upgrade Is Bad News For Intel – Here Is Why

Tech lovers all over the world have something to smile about thanks to the fact that Microsoft is planning on rolling out upgrades of its new product, Windows 10, later this month for free. That said, not everyone should be happy and in particular America’s biggest chip maker Intel should be very worried. Why is this so? Well, the reason is simple. In the past the norm has been that anytime Microsoft ends up releasing a new operating system then people will go out and buy new laptops so as to get it. Now that Microsoft has opted to offer free upgrades, it is highly unlikely that people will be going out of their way so as to buy new laptops. In fact, many people will just sit back and use their current laptop and simply just upgrade.   

This basically means that there will be a slowdown in the number of personal computers and as a result all the companies that make money thanks to selling computer components such as Intel will end up having a very rough time. It is predicted that Intel will be badly hit because they drive most of their sales from chips in personal computers.

Early feedback from a number of components based companies also indicates that they are expecting a tough road ahead due to the fact that the sale of PC’s is expected to actually slow down.    


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