Platform is something that allows video games to operate by some combination of electronic components and software. Generally a PC is used for gaming which involves a human interacting with a personal computer which is connected to a monitor to display. Console games played on television was a specialized electronic device connected to television set or a video monitor. Another type of platform used for video gaming is handheld gaming device which is a self-contained device and can be easily held by a user in his hand.
 Arcade games are a type of video games that are played on more specialized kind of electronic device which is designed for only and only one special kind of game. There are several other forms of platforms used in day-to-day life which are not completely dedicated to gaming such as PDAs, graphing calculators and mobile phones.
 Now these days, web browser is also developing itself as a great platform for gaming which can even provide a cross-platform environment creating wide spectrum of personal computers and mobile phones to compete with each other. This form of platform have generated new terms to classify the web browser-based games. They can be identified depending upon the website they appear on such as Facebook. Other games can be classified depending upon the programming software used to make them such as c++, flash and java games.


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